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The Teachings Of Great Master Yin Guang

Whether one is a layperson or has left the home- life, one should respect elders and be harmonious to those surrounding him. One should endure what others cannot, and practice what others cannot achieve


The Sweetest Smile Yet

As we come to the end of our treatise on Loving and Dying, I should make it clear that I do not at all claim to be an authority on living, loving or dying. But I have tried to share some thoughts on the subject with you, thoughts about how to live and die with love and understanding all along the way


A World Of Anomalies

Reading the newspapers and newsmagazines can give us much food for reflection. Besides the orbituaries, there are grim reminders of uffering all over the world, though we may have become quite numbed to it.


Contemplation On Death

While we are alive it is good to contemplate on death now and then. In fact it is good to do it daily. The Buddha recommends frequent contemplation on death because there are many benefits to be gained from such contemplation. Let's look at how we can benefit in contemplating on death.


Our Death Should Be Serene

All of us have to die one day. Our death should be serene and peaceful. Therefore when someone is about to die we should make it as serene and beautiful for him or her as possible. Yes, are you surprised that death can be beautiful? If you are, it is because we normally have dosa or aversion towards death. There is fear of pain and the uncertainty of what is to come after death. Then there is attachment to our loved ones which gives rise to much pain in our heart in having to part with them.


We Are Our Own Saviours

Sometimes as a monk I'm asked to go for funeral chanting. I do feel sorry for the bereaved ones but sometimes I also feel quite helpless because there is so much confusion as regards the role of a monk in funeral chanting.


Loving Is Understanding

o die well we must live well. If we have lived well we can die well. There will be no regrets. We can go peacefully, content that we have done what we could, that along the way we have spread understanding and happiness, that we have lived according to our principles and commitment to the ideals of love and compassion.


We Must Do Our Bit

Earlier I said that when I saw the sick, the dying and the dead, two resolutions arose in my mind. One is to be able to take pain and death with a smile, to be able to remain mindful and composed to the very end. Now I wish to touch on my second resolution.


Tribute To Kuai Chan

'd like to tell you about a brave yogi who died peacefully from lung cancer with the word, Nibbana, on her lips. Her name is Kuai Chan and she passed away on December 18,1992 at her home in Kuala Lumpur.


Coping With Disease The Right Attitude

We should not look on disease and suffering as something which will destroy us completely, and thereby giving in to despair and despondency. On the contrary, we (ie. in the case of Buddhists) can look upon it as a test of how well we have understood the Buddha's teachings, how well we can apply the understanding we have supposedly learnt.


Two Resolutions

As I'm writing now, I recall that just yesterday a fellow monk died. He had been suffering from terminal cancer for eight months. When I was by his side at the hospital a few days before his death, he was in pain. I tried to feed him some broth but he could not eat. He looked quite gaunt and grim. He could hardly speak.


Hello Death Goodbye Life

One day when I die, as I must, I'd like to die with a smile on my lips. I'd like to go peacefully, to greet death like a friend, to be able to say quite cheerfully: "Hello Death, Goodbye Life."



I have written this book to share some thoughts on death with anybody who may care to read it. Thoughts about how we can go about facing death - with courage and equanimity. With dignity. And if you like with a smile. Thoughts about how to cope with suffering, to live with wisdom and compassion, or with as much of it as we can muster, until we die.



I am very much indebted to: Santivara for all his hard work in doing the layout and design of this book; and to Tuck Loon for his cover art and illustrations.



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Wandering Mind

Wandering Mind

I am very much indebted to: Santivara for all his hard work in doing the layout and design of this book; and to Tuck Loon for his cover art and illustrations.
Loving and Dying

By Visuddhacara
Illustration by Hor Tuck  Loon


I am very much indebted to:

Santivara for all his hard work in doing the layout and design of this book; and to Tuck Loon for his cover art and illustrations. The assistance they have, despite their very busy schedule, so cheerfully given me, time and again, is invaluable and I'm very fortunate, or should I say, it has been my very good kamma, to have known them, to have such fine comrades as these.

To Kwei Cheong for painstakingly reading through the script and giving me many thoughtful and helpful suggestions; and to Guat Soh for also reading through, and correcting several grammatical errors and, also, for telling me that she found it moving and inspiring, so I was
encouraged enough to go ahead and have it published.

To Dr and Mrs Lim Huat Bee whose very kind support for my writing endeavours has, from the very beginning, been a great source of encouragement, inspiration and solace to me. And I'm certainly very much indebted to the good doctor in more ways than one too.

To Mr Lai Kuan Yew who has helped in no small way in the bringing out of this book, and from whom too I have received and learnt much about what loving-kindness and compassion are. He teaches me by example what I could teach others only in words.

To Boo Chai for all his kind support and more - for his friendship and understanding.

To my teachers who taught me the Dhamma that is truly lovely in the beginning, lovely in the middle, and lovely in the end.

To Bhante Phra Hoe for his continuous brotherly encouragement and support.

To Sayadaw U Paiffiathami, Sayadaw U Rajinda and Ven.Suvanno for their kindness and understanding

To MBMC, which has been, and still is, a refuge to many a monk and yogi, and which has so kindly given me a free hand in publishing

To William for just being there every morning, boiling water, making a cup of tea, listening and, most of all, for being a friend.

To Mrs Soon of Unique, who attends to the printing of this book, as she did the previous one, with as much meticulousness, care and professionalism as she can summon, always patient and sympathetic to whatever requests we may make. 

To Hiang Suan who does the needful in coordinating the collection of the good sum of money that is always needed in a publication such as this, and who has helped me in many other ways too

And, of course, to Sister Lim, Meng Chong, Dr & Mrs Yeoh, Keat Hoe, Keat Lye, Obhasa, Chai Luan, Lay Hong, Gin Geng, Mrs Wang & Subang Jaya Dhamma friends, Kathy & mother & sisters, Lee Cheng, Ah Hooi, Lily, Siew Tuan, Ow Saw Sim, Chew, Mei, Mrs Wong (Ah Kim), Mrs Annie Lim & family, Siew Kheng, Fong Hong Wai, Mr & Mrs Yeo Khee Huat, Mr & Mrs Tan Kwang Jin, Mr & Mrs Quah Keat Jin, Mr & Mrs Quah Kung Sun, Auntie Ong, Auntie Moh Tin, Uncle & Auntie Wee, Uncle Keat, Madam Mary Quah, Ah Bee Koh, Ah Bee Soh, Chai Kuan & family, Mrs David Fong, Tan sisters, Betty, Mr & Mrs See Chim Guan, Mrs Tan Boon Sooi, Linda, Eng Lean, Julie, Cheng Bee, Ah Poh & mother, Nakulamata, Lay Hoon & Taiping Dhamma friends and many many others to whom I'm always grateful for all the kindness and assistance they have rendered me. Although I am unable to name all my benefactors, I know they will understand and be not unaware of my gratitude to them.

Finally, to all the many donors without whose generous contributions this book would not have seen the light of day.


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